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Everything is Possible

BSLBATT® is a globally recognised, respected, and trusted brand that offers the best lithium batteries for smarter, and cleaner renewable energy storage.

BSLBATT Powered home

Why Choose BSLBATT® Lithium-ion Products For Your Next Solar Project


LiFePO4 Battery Chemistry

The BSLBATT® solar energy storage products use LiFePO4 battery chemistry, also known as LFP (lithium ferro-phosphate). This offers a longer cycle life, with none of the toxicity, fire hazards, and chemical instability than other Lithium technologies.

The unique BSLBATT® Battery Management System provides a higher current and peak-power rating, combined to make it the best energy storage solution for demanding solar applications.


Designed for Solar

Solar applications for both home and commercial projects need batteries that can handle over 100 amps, with the capability to quickly switch to discharging at a higher output.

A constant charge/discharge cycle is essential for a normal day in all solar applications. BSLBATT® technology has the capacity to run an impressive 150 amps continuously, with just one cell, with peaks up to 300amps. This is enough to meet home, commercial and agricultural standards.


On-Grid, Off-Grid or Hybrid

Energy storage is critical in any off-grid solar installation. It is essential in all grid-tied systems as more and more homeowners are opting for the flexibility that this kind of energy storage provides.

Instead of simply sending power produced during daylight hours to the electrical grid, hybrid systems can store the energy produced for more flexible usage by homeowners. This means having less reliance on the grid.

The Complete Energy Solution

Powered For All Energy Needs And Conditions

This is what makes BSL the perfect product to use, and the best partner to have in renewable energy solutions.


Superior Engineering

Our products are made using non-hazardous Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) chemistry combined with proprietary architecture. Our manufacturing process and the complete Battery Management System (BMS) is designed to offer superior performance. You have peace of mind, as our products are built to not experience thermal runaway due to the fire propagation elements in the design. Built for superior, safe and effective use over the long-term.


Scalable Security

Each BSL product is designed to offer energy security for personal, residential, and commercial applications that provide critical backup power. This offers you daily cost savings on utility bills, which amount to more than the initial layout of a system, and the benefit of uninterrupted off-grid renewable energy reserves.


Proven Performance

The robust performance profile offers a 98% efficiency rate, with deep depth of discharge, a rapid charge and discharge, a long cycle life, and broad operating temperatures to create dependable solutions for a diverse range of energy storage applications.


Warranty and Technical Support

BSL products not only offer industry-leading warranties, we have the technical expertise with an ongoing support structure in place so that we can be there every step of the way with all your projects and the unique requirements. Our wall-mounted Powerwall Dealer program allows customers to access our ongoing training, sales support, co-marketing and lead-sharing platforms.

What are the advantages of using BSL lithium-ion solar battery energy storage?


Because of the weight and size of our lithium-ion solar batteries, they can be installed in a much smaller space than other products in its category, while still maintaining the same (and some energy output.


The BSL lithium-ion batteries have a significantly higher energy density due to their design and functionality. It is 2.5 times higher than that of a nickel-metal hydride accumulator.


The BSL lithium-ion battery capacity decreases over the life of the battery, but depending on the capacity, a life of 2000 up to 7000 charging cycles can be expected.


In contrast to blue-acid or nickel-metal hybrid batteries, the self-discharge of lithium-ion batteries is less than 2% over a period of one month under constant temperature conditions.

Making a Difference

BSLBATT® has been used as a cooperative supplier to the United Nations, shaping the solar industry in Zimbabwe