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Residential Solutions

One Protocol to Match Multiple Inverters


Innovative and intelligent residential solar

battery solutions for effective energy storage


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Leading BMS Technology

One Protocol to Match

Multiple Inverters

Welcome to the official website for South Africa’s BSLBatt distributors. More than just a lithium battery manufacturer, BSLBATT is a globally recognised, respected and trusted brand offering the best lithium batteries for smarter, and cleaner renewable energy storage.

Lithium Battery Storage Systems

As energy costs rise, more and more homes are turning to self-generation (PV systems), which cannot generate 100% of the electricity consumed by a home if it relies only on solar panels, so there are relatively good reasons to install residential energy storage, including efforts to compensate for peak consumption or higher energy self-sufficiency.

Battery Energy Storage Systems  

BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems) are slowly appearing in solar power systems. In the case of a family home, it is typically a system where the residential battery has 2 kWh to 10 kWh of energy, which increases the use of its own PV and gives the homeowner a greater sense of energy independence. In the case of small businesses, these solar battery storage help to cover smaller consumption peaks, thus reducing the size of the circuit breaker required in front of the meter.

BSLBATT®’s solar battery storage system maximizes the benefits of photovoltaic systems and provides customers with the most scalable, versatile, and reliable LiFePo4 battery technology solution.

Benefits of Residential Battery Storage Systems  

Reduced Costs

A solar battery backup lets you store excess solar energy generated during the day. You can use this excess energy during peak hours, when electricity is most expensive.

Maximised Energy

The residential solar battery bank can increase your energy efficiency to more than 80% of your solar energy, and you can even use a generator to charge it from the grid.​​​​​​​

Backup Power

Residential solar battery bank can keep your lights on when your area is hit by a natural disaster or an unexpected power outage.​​​​​​​

Clean Energy

Installing solar cells allows you to reduce the carbon footprint of your home, which is critical for anyone who wants to “go green” and reduce pollution.​​​​​​​

Why Choose BSLBATT® for Residential Battery Storage?


Unlike most residential battery brands, BSLBATT® is a Chinese manufacturer that specialises in lithium-ion batteries and can provide you with competitively priced products.


BSLBATT® has been exporting 8MWh of Li-ion battery packs to customers in South Africa, Europe, Australia and USA, and we are preferred for our reliable product quality.


BSLBATT® can provide custom services for residential battery storage, and we can easily design and produce energy storage modules that better fit the local market.


We are committed to growing with our customers, and we are there every step of the way. BSLBATT® provides personalized OEM services and global technical support, and your success is our success.

Inverter Compatibility

The team of BSLBATT® professional engineers have put in the hours to ensure that our home solar cells are compatible with most of the well-known inverters on the market. As an installer of these inverters, you can count on us to be your most reliable renewable energy partner.

Compatible with 20+ Inverters